Google Cloud

What We Have Done

  • App Engine
  • Built and deployed various web apps and APIs for clients to scale on App Engine Java, Node.js, Rails and Python.

  • Cloud Endpoints
  • Deployed microservices to clients on Cloud Endpoints using OpenAPI specifications.

  • Cloud Bigtable
  • Hosted large scale databases with over 3-5 Billion listings for multiple clients.

  • BigQuery
  • Built a data analytics and delivery pipeline by efficiently using BigQuery.

  • Cloud Dataproc
  • Large scale data crunching using Dataproc via raw / structured data streaming from external sources / Cloud Storage / Cloud Bigtable.

  • Cloud Dataflow
  • Built serverless batch processing & data pipelines for multiple clients using Cloud Dataflow.

  • Cloud Functions
  • Built planet scale APIs using Cloud Functions.

Tools & Technologies

RUPESH Google Cloud Specialist

- Cloud Endpoints - Cloud Dataproc - Cloud Dataflow - Cloud Bigtable