What We Have Done

  • On Cloud / Premises / Hybrid Deployments
  • Deployed APIs to scale with Strongloop, App Engine, Elastic Beanstalk, KCE.

  • OpenAPI / Swagger Specs
  • We were one of the very first proponents of using OpenAPI specs for multiple public & private APIs we’ve built till date.

  • Multiple Gateways
  • We’ve deployed APIs on Apigee, Kong / Mashape, Google Cloud Endpoints, AWS API Gateway.

  • Monetisation
  • As no Monetisation platforms would fit the requirements, we built monetisation layer that plugs in with any API Gateway at the back.

Tools & Technologies

Gaurav API Specialist

- On Cloud / Premises / Hybrid Deployments - OpenAPI / Swagger Specs - Multiple Gateways - Monetisation