Web Scraping

What We Have Done

  • WebFlow
  • Built a generic web automation tool for a leading web aggregator that is at the core of their platform that automates two way communication with any target website. This could be used to pull master data from various websites and then play it back on the target websites to build carts / orders on users behalf.

  • AutoX
  • Built a highly generic web scraper for a leading web aggregator. AutoX could crawl and extract structured entities from any website with semi-structured data, and it could do it without any manual setup required.

  • Marketcheck Cars Inc
  • Built a platform for Marketcheck that pulls over 15M for sale car listings from over 50,000 websites daily. Its been going for over 5 years in running and has built the biggest for sale car listings database on the planet with over 1B car listings indexed so far!

  • Multi Vertical Experience
  • Cars, Events, Real Estate, Heavy Equipments, Restaurants, Motorcycles, RVs, ATVs and many more.. If theres a vertical that has data on web, theres a high probability we have dealt with it for multiple clients!

Tools & Technologies

VIVEK Web Scraping Specialist

- WebFlow, - AutoX - Marketcheck Cars Inc - Multi Vertical Experience